"The first draft reveals the art, revision reveals the artist 
– Michael Lee

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copy editing

  • review sentence structure, word choice, spelling, and punctuation;
  • fine-tune tone and voice;
  • create and update in-house style sheet;
  • ensure clarity, coherence, and logical flow and consistency in words, typography, art, and style;
  • check facts and source materials;
  • verify cross references within text, and between text, figures, and the
    document body.


Proofreading services by Sue Cato | South Africa Check text, text placement, document style guide, check spellling and correct typos.
  • check that text illustrations, captions, and headings are properly placed and complete;
  • ensure adherence to the chosen style guide and overall consistency in usage and presentation;
  • eliminate inelegant or confusing word, column, and page breaks;
  • correct real-word typos;
  • confirm that the final document is free of errors and polished to a high standard.

document design and layout

Document design & layout services by Sue Cato | SA Text layout. Information graphics/infographics including graphics, tables, charts. Numbering.
  • tailor text layout to present a polished, professional document consistent with company branding;
  • create high quality graphic aids such as graphs, tables, charts, and information graphics to summarise complex information;
  • automate table of contents and cross-references;
  • implement dynamic numbering of
    sections, tables, and figures.